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Wall mirror designs

Spread the light around your room with our exquisite mirror designs

Circle mirror design
collage mirror design
mosaic mirror design
squared angled in 45 degrees
Mirror Beveled With A Matt Finished Golden Frame
Double Mirror design
copper metal, laminate finish with mirror
partitioned mirror with etching work
tinted mirror design
double mirror design
tinted mirror design
tinted mirror design
CNC cut designs

Make your home more stylish with our laser cut designs

golden finished jali design
entrane foyer design with floral pattern (CNC cut)
room dividers
room dividers
jali design finished with MS metal matt black
golden finished 3d jali design
metal wall arts

Add long lasting beauty and luster to your walls with our stunning metal wall arts designs

CNC cut Geometrical

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Geometrical patterned Lion design

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Geometrical patterned wolf design

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Geometrical patterned Giraffe design

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Key Hangers

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Harpy Eagle

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Geometrical patterned polar bear laser cut designed

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Other Designs

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Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) Products

Custom made to elevate the beauty of your outdoor and garden

Cluster of three planter boxes

Code - FPN-202/1, FPN-202/2, FPN-202/3
Measurement - 16"L,16"W,15"H, 16"L,16"W,20"H, 16"L,16"W,25"H

Natural finished granite planter box

Code - FPN-301/1, FPN-301/2, FPN-301/3, FPN-301/4, FPN-301/5, FPN-301/6
Measurement - 12"L,12"W,12"H, 15"L,15"W,15"H, 18"L,18"W,18"H, 24"L,24"W,24"H, 30"L,30"W,30"H, 36"L, 36"W,36"H

Natural granite finished planter pots

Code - FPN-2/1, FPN-2/2, FPN-2/3, FPN-2/4, FPN-2/5
Measurement - 9"H,13"DIA, 12"H,11"DIA, 18"H,12"DIA, 24"H,12"DIA, 36"H,18"DIA

Pebble Seater

Code -FBE-102/1, FBE-102/2
Measurement - 36"L,30"W,12"H, 50"L,37"W,15"H

Table & chairs finished with duco

Natural finished pebble three seater

Code - FBE-104
Measurement - 87"L,24"W,18"H

Indoor green color planter box

Code - FPN-201/1, FPN-201/2
Measurement - 24"L,24"W,30"H, 28"L,28"W,32"H

Natutal stone & Slate stone finished planter box

Code - FPN-206/1, FPN-206/2
Measurement - 18"L,18"W,32"H, 16"L,16"W,36"H

Pear shaped indoor artifacts

Code - FPN-402/1, FPN-402/2
Measurement - 24"H,18"DIA, 36"H,31"DIA

A Pair of seaters

Relaxing Chair Indoor and Outdoor

Black pebble seater

Code - FBE-1
Measurement - 68"L,22"W,17"H

Black finished indoor pots

Code - FPN-3/1, FPN-3/2, FPN-3/3
Measurement - 23"H,15"DIA, 27"H,18"DIA, 31"H,21"DIA

Copper finished indoor pots

Code - FPN-22
Measurement - 36"H,36"DIA

Cluster of three indoor planter box

Code - FPN-204/1, FPN-204/2, FPN-204/3
Measurement - 12"L,12"W,24"H, 12"L,12"W,30"H, 12"L,12"W,36"H


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Collage of FRP products